Monday, March 22, 2004

Creepy at 6

Creepy at 6

As I get older I think to myself..."How can so many ppl be so out of touch with what life is really about?"
Society now has a distorted conception of what pain really is...
How can we be so upset about how we look or the break up of a relationship when there are so many ppl out there dealing with the pain of losing a child or not knowing what they will feed there children daily.
I volunteer at an agency that helps ppl with developmental disabilities gain the knowledge and training to join the rest of us in the workforce.
Now I say the 'rest of us' bcs that is the impression imposed upon those with disabilities as they try to gain the title of 'normal' from society.
Now can someone please tell me what 'normal' is exactly?
If the 3% of people with disabilites suddenly became 97% and we then were part of the minority,
who then would be normal?
Imagine being 6 yrs old forever stuck in an aging body,
forever in the relentless pursuit of the maturity insisted upon us with age.
I remember being 6, the world was a happy inviting place,
everyone wanted to be my friend and I theirs.
But now that I look like a 50 yr old but still the mind of a 6 yr old,
I am Creepy
How ridiculous our mindsets are...


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