Tuesday, March 16, 2004

First post, bare with me. My friend J-Mo got me hooked on blogs and after reading what seems to be THOUSANDS of them, I have decided to post one of my own (with his help of course).

Ok so my name is Mare and today is a snow day. i have absolutely nothing else to do other than sit here and dick around on the computer.

A little about myself:
- i live in a student house with 5 other chics. Although it might sound as though there would be way too much drama (well there is), it's totally fun and crazy
- i'm 19 soon to be 20
Ya thats about it, nothin else seems too important right now

Countdown to St Pattys day - 1
I'm not sure what we're doin exactly but i do know that the next day will not be a pleasant one.
St Kitts isnt exactly a party town but with just the right mixture of friends and excessive booze its sure to be a great one

And will someone please tell me why chics insist on wearing green shirts on this holiest of occasions? All I know is that I will NOT be walking around lookin like a drunk booger.


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