Sunday, March 21, 2004

Saturday Night

Saturday night was a night not soon to be forgotten.
J-Mo came down to my place, I promised him a fun night on the town.
It was not only fun...but insane
We started out at my house drinking.
Two friends of mine came down that night too, Melissa and Holly.
We headed to the club after a while
and there were some friends of our ex bfs.
Holly and I's exs are best friends so we expected to run in to them.
They weren't there, but when another of our friends asked where they were,
we found out that they were 'alledgedly' out with other girls
This angered Holly, and I didnt care for the situation but it wasn't gonna ruin my night. Plus, we were broken up and there was nothing I could do.
After the bar, we decided to head down to where we knew they would be bcs Holly just wanted to talk to Rick and see what was going on.
I admit I was not opposed to the idea at all either.
When we finally found our drunken way to the house, Rick would not come out.
Melissa and Holly knocked on the door for about a 1/2 hour, but no one would talk to them.
At this point J-Mo and I were in the car waiting,
I was not about to knock on any doors at 5 am, all I wanted to do was go home to bed.
They stormed back to the car and announced that they would not leave until he came out, they would do whatever it took.
An angry ex girlfriend is something to beware of
To all men reading this, if we are not crazy before we meet you, you certainly drive us there eventually.
What came next was something I have never seen before.
The next thing I know, Ricks tires were being slashed
We could not believe what was happening as we sat in the car.
Every one makes choices, everyday, although some of these are more crucial than others ,
and at every point where a choice is made,
another choice is not,
and if our life is defined by the choices we have made,
it is also haunted, at least in moments of thoughtfulness,
by those that weren't.
The police were called after J-Mo and I were dropped off and a fine of $500 was made to the slasher.
I now know what love can make a person do, seeing it first hand
and I hope that my future 'whatever' never drives me to the point of near insanity as in this case.
The slasher is a great girl, and without the horribly bad influence that this guy inflicted on her,
would not have done something this careless.
Love shouldn't drive ppl to want to hurt eachother.
Rather, do anything to make the other happy.


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