Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Where are all the Adams??

Average Joe...what a great show!
In the most recent season of Average Joe, they put the 'not so average' Adam as the bachelor looking for love. Now most would think Adam to be an everyday guy on the exterior, but all is not just what the eyes can see.
Adam is extremely sexy in his own way, he is sweet, caring, empathetic, and rich (not that it matters).
I would be his Eve anytime.
As the show went on, 5 extremely good looking girls joined the show. The main reason for this was to spoil the show for the other 15 girls already catching Adam's eye. As they walked in, a feeling of guilt and sadness came over Adam, not a feeling of physical excitement as would any other man in his place. He then went and talked to the producer and insisted that the 5 super gorgeous bikini models be sent home on order to spare the feelings of the other 15 girls.
As they were being escorted out one of the models yelled out that Adam was the type of man she wanted.
Adam is now my dream man and if he ever reads this (not likely) I would like to propose marriage.


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