Thursday, April 08, 2004

Awww J-Mo!!

Mare asked me to write something for her site today. I guess shes having problems keeping up with updating once a month. Whatever it may be I felt honered to be a guest of her pink palace. NO NO not THAT pink palace, although a journey there would probably be pretty fun too. Im talking about her blog.

The first question that I had to think of was...what the hell am I going to write about? What would deem appropriate and sufficient and stuffed with excitement and interest? William Hung? No that Chinese idiot has been covered enough and although I do like laughing at the misfortunes of others, I feel his 15 min of fame were up three months ago.

But what then ...

What could I discuss that would interest both Mare and I ...

Our Friendship. I could discuss our friendship and how fortunate she is to know me. OK theres not too much to write on the fortunate side, but I could still discuss it.

Ive known Mare for about 3 years now give or take a couple years ...my memory isnt that good, and I am glad that I have made her one of my closer friends. Im also glad that as a friend we kept it that way, as having a friend of the opposite sex can be a rarity. I think my metrosexuality has allowed me to take on many a female friend with only having a few instances where things how do you say ...slipped. Ok lets be honest, besides Nico and Mare Ive ended up fooling around with almost every one of my female friends, so when going into this friendship my track record wasnt looking to good.

We have done very well though, even sleeping in the same bed together on an occasion without any mishap. I think that is the test in every friendship whether or not you can resist sleeping in a bed with someone. This is usually to hard for the couple involved and leads to some sort of naughty act. I also think that this holds true when two females sleep in a bed together and within moments panties are being torn off with teeth and ...OK maybe we will save my lesbian fantasies for another post.

I get along great with Mare because we share a lot of the same interests. We both like to party ...umm ...ok we have partying in common. Is there really anything more you need then that... Thats basically it. We know that if were bored we can get together and a party will form a line behind us. Debauchery will follow.

Sex appeal. There is of course sex appeal. Im not sure how that helps our friendship, but I guess me finding her sexy makes me want to continue to hang out with her. We will go with that.

I think if I had to pick a moment as to which I realized I loved this girl was when after a heavy night of drinking at Hess I ended up back at her house to be presented with one of the largest and best tasting steaks Ive ever had. I mean seriously. How could you not love a girl that cooks you steak at 3am.

Basically to sum up this jargon that Im typing in between serving members of my Credit Union is that Mare is an awesome person. To think the male population is allowing this female to run around the world single is beyond me.

Shes a Party Girl, has the personality and is stunning to look at it.

Thanks Mare, for the space to let you all know.



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