Sunday, April 18, 2004

Don't change your ways for someone who is not willing to change theirs...

Ok so recently the ex and I have been talking
He's been ok up until tonite. I called him around 9pm and he told me that he was going to bed, he was tired.
He was working at 5:45am so I understood,
after a nite of drinking with the family (for my bday),
I decided to call and leave a message telling him that I hoped he had a nice day at work and that I was glad everything was working out between us.
The FUCKER answered his phone (not checking who the call was from) and hung up when he heard my voice.
Not only were there ppl in the background, but there was music, very loud music.
All i wanted to do was leave a nice message,
and now he won't answer my calls, i refuse to block my number bcs thats just immature.
honestly mike if you are reading this i hope that one day you realize what you lost
and also what you are... hopeless
the last eight months of my life i've tried to make u happy and change your ways
but nothing helps
i hope you find someone to spend your life with that makes you as miserable as you have made me bcs
i've done nothing but tried to please you and now i know that you are a waste of my time.
this may sound pretty over the top for the situation, but if you knew what i have been through for the last little while then you would understand. sorry for the blabber but i had to get it out.


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