Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Not the greatest bday weekend but im sure next weekend will be better...
this weekend I celebrated with a few friends, but next weekend is my actual bday party. It's an entire Bday week and I LOVE IT!!
Thanks to J-Mo and Nico for a good nite.

Ok so lately I've been a little bummed out... not exactly sure why
It may be that im turning the big 2-0 and i'm being forced to grow up.
My bday has never been depressing but this one is different...
I'm definitely gonna need one of those happy pills Jen!!

My dad sent me an email a short while ago and it really made me reflect on whats important, what to hold on to, and what things in my life need to be changed.
I'd like to share this with u guys...

Positive Pause

Ok so it might seem a little corny to some of u but if u really concentrate on what its about, it helps...


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