Saturday, April 10, 2004

Went out for drinks last nite with the ex (oh no another blog about the ex)
It actually turned out to be a good nite
J-mo stopped by the bar to begin his debauchery, along with Pete
I was so happy to see them, although that could have been the drinks
I had sooooo many of them, but I waited until 12 am to get drunk
I felt bad drinking on Good Friday, the main reason being that as Jesus is dying on the cross for our sins I'm out partying
So after 12 the debauchery began... I feel like shit today
I'm going out b-day shopping today with my mom and I'll be forced to try on clothes when I'm still bloated and gross from the nite before (nice mental picture)

Oh ya and I just want to thank J-mo for posting on here, it was an awesome post and I too am lucky to have him as a friend.


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