Monday, April 26, 2004

Went to Church today
It's funny how many things fall into place as u are sitting in those seats
Not only do u feel good about yourself after being there, but you feel good about everyone else you went there with
of course there are those times that the parents drag u there and its the last place you want to be after a nite of debauchery
but it all seems very worth it when there are those times that u feel something...
u feel His presence, and all seems well for those 45 minutes.
Today was one of those
i've been going lately with the family but never got the courage to take communion (not wanting to be sacriligious)
i took communion today
and for the first time i cried all the way back to my seat
not bcs i was sad, not bcs i was anything other than grateful
and not bcs i had taken communion (well ya)
but bcs everything in my life that i've been worrying about seemed so damn meaningless
there was this boy...he went to school with me...his mother wheeled him up the aisle bcs he had lost the use of his arms
the pope was here this summer, he went to go see him, when he got face to face with him he broke down, his picture was in the newspaper
if someone who has so little can have so much faith, then what the hell am i so worried about
just have faith


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