Monday, May 03, 2004

I wanna fall in love...

The kind of love that makes you weak at the sight of them
the kind that you want to experience over and over again every day
I had that once with a guy named Chris
then he moved away and the distance was too much and too far
now it seems as though every time I find a guy i'm comparing him.
chris was so long ago and I still havent found anyone or anything like him
I've enjoyed spending time with the guys i've dated since
but I cant seem to find that feeling again
the butterflies everytime you see them, even if you've seen them everyday for the last 3 yrs
there was a time when I thought I had found it again
but as time passes, ppl stop trying and they begin to take everything for granted
I'm beginning to ask myself if there really is anything like that out there for me.
If I ruined it the first time
Is there that one person for everyone? Can I find it again?
I hope so...
And if not...be prepared for a lot more of these sappy ass posts


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