Monday, May 17, 2004

Lucha Ferreyros died this morning at 1am
my grandma meant so much to so many people
so why is it that just a short while ago, she expressed her fear of dying
not because of the pain
but because she was scared she wasn't good enough to get to heaven
she thought that she had done nothing worth eternal life
i feel a slight sense of relief knowing that now she sees just how special she is
she did get to heaven, and she can see how much her life had truly affected everyone she knew
what a scary feeling...not knowing whats next, not knowing who's waiting for you on the other side
all I know is that I will sleep a little better and worry a little less knowing that her and my grandpa are waiting to greet me
to two of the most amazing people, God Bless You
and I will thank you everyday for the rest of my life for giving me my mom, more beautiful than us all.


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