Friday, May 14, 2004

went to Philthys last nite
friend's birthdays are always pretty crazy
last nite was my best friends birthday so the nite was friggin insane
i haven't been drunk in a long time
not only was i drunk i broke my stilettos last nite
the destruction of my favourite pair of shoes at the hands of my drunken ass is not something i want to deal with in the morning
saw j-mo there, he was looking as hot as always
saw my ex boyfriend from 2 yrs ago
we talked a lot last nite
a lot of things were said by me that i wish i would have said when i was sober
i do miss him and still think about him but he is probably doubting everything that comes out of my drunk ass mouth
i think i'll call him today and apologize
its funny how you can think you have your life together one second and lose it all when u look into someones eyes
probably not so healthy for me to put any more stress in my life right now...
oh yes, i went for an ultrasound to find out what the lump is yesterday
i wont find out the results until next week
but i'll be sure to post when i find out


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