Wednesday, June 09, 2004

been working a lot lately, never have a computer handy unless i'm at home
another reason i've been lacking on the posts is the lack of creativity
i don't know who i though i was kidding when i started this thing, tryin to sound all smart and shit
but to the 2 faithful readers that i do have, i will not cease to post
just continue with the stupidity that is posting my life on a pink blog.
Air conditioner broke down, landlord doesnt seem to want to come fix it
i'm all hot and bothered...in more ways than one.

Jeff's new blog is up, and i have to say that i really enjoy reading his stuff
i'm not exactly sure how i came about his blog but i'm glad i did.

and to Raymi, i still cannot believe she linked me on her blog, Thanks a ton, hits went up from 2 peeps to 5
haha no, it was much more than that. i'm honored, thanks Raymi, you are the first recipient of 'the pink palace award for excellent blogging'...oh what an honor you say...
you deserve it!


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