Friday, June 25, 2004

clonazepan is my new best friend
one of those pills could put out a horse

why is it that when you're going through a rough patch in your life the craziest of crazy stuff happens to you?
taught a class yesterday and on our cigarette break one of my clients decided to tell me her life story.
she has been schizophrenic for the last 10 yrs
"i realized i was schizo when i saw the love of my life on the tv and he talked to me right through it. he told me that he was a devil worshipper and that he would make me happy... ever since then i've heard his voice telling me to do bad stuff and he comes to visit me when i'm lonely"
ok so how exactly am i supposed to react to this, she was hysterically crying and i've only been in school for counselling for 1 yr.
clearly not enough to help her
more unexperienced counsellors go through this thing called transference...
thats when we take on the problems and symptoms of our clients and if i keep hearing stuff like that i may go crazy
maybe i'm not cut out for this social work thing, i felt as though i was making things worse for her by being there...i dont feel qualified enough or worthy of helping her
maybe its my own insecurities but i think i'll stick to photocopying at the office

just got back to hamilton last nite from boring st kitts
happy as hell to be around my friends again, and tonite a certain someone is making me dinner and then we'll get all liquored up
liquored up enough so that i take part in the mardi gras festivities down at hess tonite
and yes by that i mean FLASHING
i won't do it but i am not opposed to seeing some titties tonite
i'll post tonite when i'm drunk but if you wanna read it you'll have to do it early tommorow morning because i'll probably wake up and erase it
the drunken mind of mare is not something i want my 2 faithful readers to be forced to read


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