Tuesday, June 15, 2004

do you honestly think i forget?
are you so blind that you dont see the revenge?
you've lied and cheated
am i so stupid that i'll forget that easy?
how can you honestly think that things are ok with us
i laugh at your stupidity
i grin at your misfortunes
the only way to be fine with what you have done is to do it back to u
i love that you trust me, it makes it that much better
if you only knew how you made me feel those months
maybe then you wouldnt have done it
but now you'll know...
you'll feel it too
you'll feel the pain you caused me
and i'll know what it's like to sit back and laugh
laugh like you did all that time
but only i will not be stupid enough to think you won't find out
i know things that you've done that you don't know i know...
but i know
and i wont forget

Now if i could only get up the courage to hurt you like that...
maybe some day


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