Tuesday, June 01, 2004

got to work this morning, had to facilitate a class
when i finished the secretary came to me with a little pink slip
my friend tiff had called, i had placement interviews at the college, unbenounced to me (thanks Niagara College)
1/2 hr later i was sitting in front of a young woman.
this interview was for a place called Women's Place, a shelter for abused women and children. if i took this placement, i would be working mainly with the children.
she asked me if i had any experience working with children
i told her about my current job with people with disabilities
mentally ranging between the ages of 6 and 12 yrs old.
so 'yes i guess you could say i have extensive experience'
she told me i got the placement, she loved me

20 minutes later i sat down infront of an older lady
her eyes looked down on me as if she didnt like me by first impression.
her agency deals with young pregnant teens that come in and my job would be to counsel them, give them their options
this being a christian based agency and with my strong religious beliefs, i was excited to begin.
it was too good to be true
she asked me my stance on abortion, i told her that it was not my position to judge anyone, that there are extreme circumstances in which one may feel right making the decision
to be honest, i have no fuckin clue what i believe or where i stand
i just dont think that insisting the agencies beliefs on a grief stricken teen so forcefully can be good for their mental health
but hey, what the hell do i know, just a young teen much like them
we talked some more and she told me that she too wanted me for a placement
so much for bad first impressions, maybe i interview well
whatever it is, i have two places lined up so far

another 20 minutes and i sit down infront of yet another woman.
she is from the Alzheimer Society
she asks me what i know about alzheimers, i don't know much so i began to bullshit
she cut me off, obviously feeling sorry for me
she started again by asking me some scenario questions
'what if you recieved a phonecall from the wife of an alzheimers victim? she tells you that her husband has been in a dymentic state for a few days. she doesn't want to deal with it anymore. what do you say?'
i answered...quite well i must say
she smiles and we finish the interview
she tells me she'll get back to me, i dont think she liked me
out of all three, Alzheimers seemed the most interesting
ahhh what can you do


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