Sunday, June 27, 2004

i'm happy for the first time in a long long while
got rid of my 'ball and chain' as i like to say
not only is life looking up but i met a great guy
but things seem to be going to good to jinx so thats all i'll say

there are many things that can hold you back. Yet there's always a way to turn them around, into forces that move you forward. just simply deciding to be happy can have a positive effect on our day.

last nite was the last of the mardi gras festivities down at hess. i woke up this morning with over 20 beads around my neck. 'oh shit...what the fuck did i do' was the first thought that entered my mind this morning. but with some advil and a couple minutes i remembered exactly what i did...NOTHING! i somehow managed to walk away with that many beads with absolutely no damage to my reputation.
walked up to a guy and asked him for beads and his horny little response of course was that i had to 'show him the goods', i just simply laughed and stated that my 'goods' were, in my opinion, worth a little bit more than 25 cents worth of plastic. 'nice to see a girl around here that respects herself' and with this he handed me 4 necklaces.
the remainder of my beads were collected through friends and innocent pecks on the cheek. not too shabby.
posted last night somewhere between the drunken fall down the stairs and the complete annihilation of my whopper and fries but i had to erase it this morning due to crude and explicit content, haha

so thats my weekend in a nutshell, and i encourage you to vote on j-mo's website and tell him that selling drugs is the best and only way to make quick money...


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