Monday, June 21, 2004

kinda nervous last nite, been that way for a couple weeks
my dad gave me 2 of his sleeping pills so i took half of one around 9pm
thinking it would take too long i chewed it up so as to make the effects come faster
i then lit a cigarette, 1 minute later i dropped the butt on my bed and almost passed out
crazy how fast they work
all day today i've been drowsy and in a daze
every little thing seems funny as hell
sat in on a class today at work and had to leave the room because the instructor kept wrinkling her nose
i was hysterical
anyways, today was a great day, i got the phonecall i was waiting for YAY! and that took away some of the anxieties.
and someone please tell mr mike not to call me a slut just because i wore a miniskirt at the bar
and then tell the guys at the bar that when we wear miniskirts we are not asking them to lift them up with their dirty ass hands or get rude when we don't want to talk to their grimy asses.
decided to change the layout of the blog because pink and white was just too happy and wannabe cute...i'm not cute
black just looks much better, glad u like it, and if you don't then start


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