Friday, June 04, 2004

used to have panic attacks pretty often

doctor said it was because i was under a lot of stress
this was over a year ago
i've felt great until two weeks ago, maybe its because my grandma died
maybe its because i've been overloaded with work
whatever it is, it really sucks
my days are taken up by an overwhelming feeling of anxiety
i can't sleep for my than 6 hours, i wake up and start cleaning or just walking around my house aimlessly
these past two weeks are a big blurr and its a little scary
on the way back to the parents house today my mom and i had a talk
she thinks it's a certain someone coming back into my life
i dont know what it is but what i do know is that when he was around a year ago i was having the same problem
i enjoy his presence still but maybe subconciously i'm scared
i dont know what it is but it better go away soon
or maybe it wont and im just going schizophrenic
we'll just have to see


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