Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Days seem to be getting longer and longer
4 months is way too long to have off school, beginning to feel stupid
Anyone out there been out of school for a while and feel like you're becoming less and less intelligent
I think it's the school thing along with various chemicals injected into my brain evening out the levels of serotonin
in other words my  happy pills
If not looking out for my health in the long run I think I'd take ecstasy instead
Speaking of the miracle pill, a friend of mine called today and asked if I would be interested in droppin some E and drivin around friday night
personally i'd rather go to a club...but hey E is E
haven't done it in a while...the world seems so fuckin incredible for a few hours
and then it goes from great to i wanna kill myself infront of my parents so they see what a complete failure i am (pictured here): 

that chick just keeps getting more looped

anyways...so E it is

anyone wanna give me $1000 for my trip to mexico? Going somewhere at the end of August, hopefully to visit my fellow spaniards...well mexicans...wait i'm neither



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