Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The fear of getting fat has slowly crept into my subconcious
I can no longer eat anything without memorizing how many calories and grams of fat it contains
and if there is no indication i categorize it as devil food and throw it away as a tear slowly falls down my cheek.
No more restaurants, no more home cooked meals by the mother
Lost 30 lbs lately and God Help whoever lends a hand in me gaining it back
well i guess it's just me who shoves the food in my face
haha this must sound so funny coming from a chick who weighs 110 lbs but you wouldnt think it if you saw me 3 months ago
fat as hell i tell ya

My posts vary so greatly from one extreme to the other...you could almost say that i'm blog-bi-polar. One day I post about God and Love and all that nice shit and that next its about vibrators and eating disorders...is there some sort of blog-psychologist i can see?
I'm sure you really don't need any 'real credentials' so if anyone is interested in taking on my case let me know
i think i need God


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