Monday, July 12, 2004

few months back i was getting phonecalls from a heavy breather
this gentleman supposedly liked to show off his incredible lung capacity into the phone and tell me that he was coming for me...

called the police once and after they left 'he' called again and told me that he saw me with the police and that i would be sorry.
After that the phonecalls pretty much stopped until tonight
i only know of one person that calls me private and they were at work tonite so i got a little nervous and didnt want to answer the phone
sure enough when i finally did all i heard was the breathing
i thought it had stopped but of course not
just when things start to look up my stalker comes back
And no 'my stalker' is not an understatement or overstatement for that matter
he is convinced that he has come to canada to protect me and that if he doesnt then i will get hurt <--exact words
so its back to my no sleep, checking out the window every 2 minutes and making my mom sleep over life.

Reading through the daily's today and i love God's post about the path to our hearts. Some pretty profound writing...impressive


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