Sunday, July 04, 2004

Greeceballs Take It...

underdog takes it home to greece central
what an upset for real soccer fans everywhere
not only did greece win but the best teams of the best ie. france, spain, england, germany barely made it through
i'm actually just glad that little slimeball c.ronaldo didn't see victory.
3 chances he had to score what would have been unbelievable goals but no...what did he do you ask???
if portugal can't win with amazing players like figo, deco, and rui costa then they deserve to be forced to recieve the 2nd most despicable member of the metal family: Silver (next of course to bronze)
a little overboard?: yes
do i care?: no
blowing off steam?: always

tuesday marks what will be the greatest display of soccer in two years...Copa America
being held in none other than my born country Peru
and of course i'll be rooting for my native country but my team is brazil and will always be.
tuesday starts 2 weeks of being a complete hermit...i'll turn my phone off during games...i don't want to disturb the soccer gods


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