Friday, July 23, 2004


J-mo's post got me thinking about sex today
I cannot understand how some people are waiting for marriage
ya it's sweet and all but come on
most happy people i've met have sex as an essential part of their lives
one can only be satisfied with toys or themselves for so long
my beautiful mama waited until marriage (or so she says)...thats 4 yrs of dating without sex
i'm lucky if i can wait 4 weeks...ok so thats an exaggeration...2 weeks
Nah, i went through the stage i'm sure most people do in which the sex was much more abundant and i didn't really wait to like the guy a lot
but now that i've passed that stage i think i'll wait for someone who really means something..or someone 3 inches tall and battery operated 

I can't even believe i actually write these things on here
most people that know me will say that i never talk about this stuff and am usually too shy to publish my sex life on a public webpage
I've told most people that love me that they can't get mad for things i write on here...
so shut up and deal with it


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