Saturday, July 03, 2004

Let's start with last night...went down to hess village with j-mo and a few others
had a really good time. J-mo and i are obvious blogger geeks because thats all we talked about.
I've had a link to this page on my msn profile so that anyone who checked it could come read...but i found myself altering things i wanted to say in case someone had something to say about it.
After a talk with J-mo last night this changed, no longer a link and i feel much freer in the boundaries in which i can write
so without further ado (is that how you spell it? tryin to sound smart i guess) ill be writing about anything and everything i think of, but don't be disapointed if my writing doesn't change much, can't make any promises.

Adam...probably the most amazing guy i have met in a long time, maybe it's his age (6 more than me) or maybe its the fact that he's nothing like anyone i have ever dated. for some reason i seem to go for the asshole italian type.
well anyways, we made it official the other day and it may be my tendency to get hooked on guys but i've never been more comfortable with someone. i hope the feeling is mutual but i'll keep you updated on everything. or not...we'll see

this isnt the end of my story, still have to talk about last night but i'm off to grease myself up and lay on the beach so i'll post when i get back, or after my night with adam

and J-mo i just want to say that you are an awesome person and any girl would be completely lucky to have you, thanks for the chats last night...bloggers got eachothers backs!


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