Monday, July 05, 2004

man nothing good ever happens on my weekends
ya we go out and drink our faces off but nothing too ridiculous happens
this is gonna need to change...getting sick of the same old shit every weekend
maybe its because i'm old as hell now, and yes i think 20 is old
my parents were well on their way to getting married and my dad was in the midst of getting his masters degree (happens a little earlier in peru)
this is much like all of our parents
they had drive, they were adults
i still go home to my parents house every weekend and steal their food and my mom still buys me my clothes
i don't know if it's just me but i'm beginning to feel really bad
the thought of not moving back in with the fam when school is done scares me
am i all done there? whoa...whats next?
i can't even begin to think about it because on my free time i'm too busy drinking and dancing my face off

gotta go to the docs soon
think there's something wrong with my thyroid
that would explain the anxiety and heart racing
as well as the weight loss (30 lbs in 2 months)
ever seen those people with their eyes bulging out of their head?well those are people with hyper active thyroid that don't get it treated
wow imagine...then i'd be hot as hell

hard to type for this long, don't know how J-mo does it
this is gonna get pretty choppy so i'm gonna stop
ya, i know, isn't that long, shut up


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