Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Money is something so easily obtained
Whether it be through legal or illegal means
But friendships and love come only to those who work for it
Love doesn't just fall in our laps
It is much more precious than that
Its something we live for, something we die for
Things of such value are cannot be easily obtained
Without the blood and tears of those who love us we would not be who we are today
When you find real friends...love them
When you find true love...cherish it
And when you feel like you've loved and lost
Don't be the one to forget how great it feels
Look again
Because even if you have no love in this lifetime
There is much more waiting for you after
Sometimes we feel as though we are not deserving of love and forgiveness
Some may feel that God won't forgive the awful things we've done
Well then we need to look at our parents or our loved ones
If they can forgive and still love us then one can only imagine how quickly we are forgiven by the Father
We are forgiven before we ask for it
If our parents and loved ones can love us and they are only human
Then imagine how much God loves us
And all He asks is that we be kind, that we love him back
I can't imagine my life without God in it
I respect all other beliefs of course...but I don't understand them
If God can do so many amazing things in my life then how can it be wrong?
One day I'll tell you about the 2 miracles that took place in my life
And maybe then you can respect how much I truly love my religion

Me and J-Mo (pic was from long time...don't know why i haven't put it up yet...i need a camera of my own)


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