Friday, July 09, 2004

Sitting at work yesterday completely bored out of my tree
and i just couldn't think of anything to post about
it was that and the fact that my supervisor kept walking in and out of the room completely preventing me from reading the dailys (blogs)
none of my clients came to my classes and basically all i had to do was prepare for some of mondays classes.
as i'm sitting there none other than mr mike pops on and says hello
i havent talked to him in weeks
surprisingly enough he was very nice to me
even going as far as saying that he wanted me to tell him when i ws talkin to another guy because he had to approve
ok so the guys that read this or even the girls tell me something...
what was with this newly found niceness?
never once did he respect me during the course of our relationship but now he wants to be friends
there is absolutely no way i'll tell him about adam just yet
i don't know how far things are going to go with that and there is no sense in hurting mike
not that i want mr mike back at all
i would rather chew off my arms...but i'll respect him enough not to hurt him
So this morning at 5am on his way to work mike decides to call me to talk
like come on now...its 5 fucking am
i politely let him go and now he's going to call me later on today
i'll probably just not answer
i don't think i can handle anymore mr mike

anyways... Adam and i went for dinner yesterday and the slut ass waitress was smiling at him the entire time
if it wasn't for the fact that she knew my good friend Tiff i would crush her skull between my yummy quesadillas
Adam was polite enough not to smile back...+1 point

i'm not sure if its just me but i can't seem to let myself fall for him
been in too many deadend relationships that i'm nervous i guess
there are no more ex bf's to secretly smile over once in a while because they have all proven to be likely spawned from satan these last few weeks
well maybe not chris, i guess we just both figured out that things have changed

so another question to my 3 readers is: how do i get over this initial fear of committing? are there any guarantees?


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