Monday, July 26, 2004

so hard to come up with a quality post nowadays
Nico was having trouble and now it seems as though I am
Creative juices flow for a couple days out of the month and the rest i end up posting about meaningless random jargon
ok so lets see...i've covered all i want to say about sex and God in the last month 
I think i'll discuss my friends this time
We'll start with Mandy - very cool chick. I think it's safe to say that we've been in our fair share of fights but always come out drunk and passing out together on the random. Met her in grade 6...and then in grade 7 we decided that we would tackle the 'Gothic' world together and began to dress like tools and draw cobwebs up our arms...then we began drinking, oh wait no that was at the same time, yup GRADE 7 (or it could have been 6, it's a blurr). then the cigarettes came and they have been my faithful companions ever since...oh yes and mandy too

Jen - my best friend in the whole world (pictured here):

Met in grade 6 and have been pretty inseparable since then. Most guys we date think we may be lesbians because of the amount of time we spend together. We go to clubs just the 2 of us...we hang out every free minute...shes a part of the family
Things have been a bit different lately...i moved away, she found a man...bahhhhh

J-Mo - deadly guy...probably one of the best guys i've ever met. Met him through Jen a few years back and now he's my blog-buddy. I would put in a pic of the 2 of us but they are all too racey and x-rated (haha just kidding Jordan) 
Jordan's an awesome guy if you need someone there...even if its just to talk...Love Ya J-Mo!

Ok no more...I don't have any other friends, nah i'm just tired of typing and the chicken greek salad at Cat's Caboose is calling my name. So Melissa, Biancs, Tiff, Michy, Mia and Steph... I love you too so don't leave any rude or threatening comments. 



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