Monday, July 12, 2004

some of the funniest stuff i've seen in a long time took place on Raymi's blog while she went away to mexico
there were something like 150 comments most of which were directed towards her mom.
mother raymi was nice enough to keep the site interesting while raymi went out to play but a few bloodthirsty, moronic readers had to make her feel bad...well at least they tried
its a mother for christ's sake, have some fuckin respect
there was some discussion about raymi and her relation to jack kerouac...a few readers actually cared if she had lied about it or not and turned to cruel comments in between their tears and desperation for the truth...like honestly get a fuckin life
i too love to read about raymi's crazy life but come on get a life of your own
blog often
blog about things that feel good to get out
blog about gay comments on other peoples blogs
blog about whatever the hell comes to mind
but relax with the comments when all they are doing is making you feel better about your pathetic life

oh and yes, as i have explained to j-mo..there will be no more questions on my posts. it seems as though all other posts are deserving of a comment except the one with actual questions directed at the readers. this does not include one bcs he was nice enough to post about my question, thank you Jeff...


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