Friday, July 16, 2004

Today was the most fulfilling day of my career
Those who have completed our job training program had their graduation today
it was the firat of many graduations to come and i've never been so touched by a group of people in my life
all of them have disabilities that impair them to the point in which most of us would never  be able to cope
as they walked up to that podium i could barely stand the excitement in their faces
they were so proud of themselves and so were we
with a smile that could brighten the darkest storm they all recieved their certificates
we stood around and congratulated them afterwards and i had to leave the room i was to taken aback by their strength and courage
they will all be leaving us now and joining the community as not only productive members but as friends and inspirations to everyone they meet
one of my clients walked up to me and asked if he could sing me a song
he made it up on the spot
it was about how beautiful i've made his life and how much he liked the cake he was eating
i cried...
about how amazing he was and how delicious the cake tasted
It's so hard to say goodbye to them
i want to take care of them and make sure they are always ok...
but we have to let them go and live their lives
i'll never forget any of them
i'll never forget all of the lessons they've taught me
and i'll never forget that song


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