Tuesday, July 13, 2004

When it's time to look back and reevaluate our day, what is it that we think about?
Is it how hard the day was?, how many things went wrong.
Or is it that no matter what, we are thankful for what we are given
I choose to be thankful in every way
I have a beautiful family, awesome friends and a great boyfriend
My job is one that will be fulfilling everyday…even the days in which I don't see the gifts
Just that smile from one of my clients can really make an important impact on my day
Whether it's because they love me and are truly happy or because their mental state is one in which they see nothing but good
I'm not sure if it is because I have some of the greatest people to work with, but either way they are what wakes me up in the morning...my drive.
God gives us so many gifts and we turn a blind eye
We don't see how extremely hard life could be...and they live this reality everyday
Education, money, social status-the most important things to the majority of us
We have it so easy in Canada...if we fail there is always funding and people waiting to pick us up and help us to start over.
Those with disabilities are of course very fortunate in that they can collect monies from various different pots...but that is only if they are mentally capable of realizing what is available to them.
I sit here and worry about such diminutive things and all I wish for my readers is that one day everyone will find that drive and compassion to help out someone else
Compassion is something so difficult to achieve
I had a conversation recently in which a friend of mine told me about working at the bank.
She hates the end of the month because all of the "retards" and "welfare bums" come in.
Yes they smell...but did you ever wonder why? What's going on at home? Do they have running water? Do they have a home? And if they have a disability then can they even bathe themselves?
If we stop worrying about things that may annoy us like a bad stench or someone that can't get the right words out and we start to worry about that person, why they live that way, and what can we do to help, only then can we be content with our day.
Maybe for once we can be happy in our lives and make someone smile in the process.
I don't write this to change anyone's mind or to make anyone feel bad. I just want one person to smile today, whether it be by my hands or those of someone close to me.
The only person that will judge us is God
And if we live through his teachings everyday then it won't be so much of a judgement but a welcome home.
I can't wait to go home.


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