Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Lets start with this morning...
Three people called in sick, now normally this wouldn't be a problem in a normal sized office but with an entire staff count of 10 this wasn't good
I had two classes to teach today, one in the morning and in the afternoon
Cancelled them both so that I could cover one of the sicky's shifts at one of our store sights.
For those of you that don't know, I work for a workforce development agency directly related to the Goodwill chain of used clothing stores. All of our clients have some sort of disability and when going through our program are sent out to the stores as a 'work training experience'.
We mainly just teach them basic work skills and then send them on their way.
Today was not a good day...three clients and myself and our student coop. On the way to the store we decided to stop for Tim Horton's...ok what the fuck is goin on with their tea???
no more teabags, just brown water
As we walked up to the store we saw one of our clients laying on the sidewalk bcs she had walked into the glass door and hurt herself...i'm not kidding...this is what I see EVERYDAY
After picking her up we make our way inside and start setting some goals for the three of them.
Our only male client was to go out back and help recieve donations with the rest of the staff
Now is it just me or is it not a good idea to let a severely physically and mentally disabled individual pick up a lazyboy by his fuckin self?
well obviously not to the geniuses that work at the Goodwill
He picked up the lazyboy with such strength that it didn't stop on its way up...oh no...it flipped over and fell directly on him causing him to twist his ankle and start crying.
at this point one of the supervisors came and grabbed me to fill out an accident report..thanks guys
At lunch we decided to go to subway bcs my coop student 'A' had a free 6' sub
She pulled out the card and asked for an apple juice with her order...little did she know that the back of the card said she could only get pop with her sub
I've never seen a grown woman get so adamant about apple juice...she screamed...the server screamed and we left subless and with a paper cup flying out the door behind us.
This did not end my day...as i get back the store is in a panic looking for me. Mr.Lazyboy has had a seizure and is now incoherent and crawling around the back room
Has anyone called an ambulance?
No we thought we'd wait for you
How long was his seizure for?
At least 4 minutes
Are you a fucking idiot???
So just bcs he's disabled we allow him to have a seizure and crawl around the back room almost unconcious and bleeding without thinking of calling an ambulance
Well we thought this happened all the time...
Gimme a fucking break, call the fuckin ambulance and while your at it call headoffice and transfer them to me bcs you're getting fired
::10 minutes go by::
Ya pack your shit and get out...your FIRED!!
Long story short, ambulance came, client is alright, worker is fired, I hate ignorant people and days like today...


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