Monday, August 23, 2004

listening to Raymi's interview on the Dune and Bob show...fuckin crazy i love it
anyways...spent this weekend drunk to the point of non-remembrance
Friday night i went out with the coworkers to a king henry the 8th dinner theatre/feast and drink your balls off event.
free wine, free beer, free food
not only was the food good, but it was still whole and by that i mean that we had full pigs and lambs and chickens (well chickens are pretty common)
they brought the pig out and cut it's head off infront of us and i was all "dude what are you doing with that head??? send it over this way"
pig ears are friggin delishhhhhh
the boy met me at the house after, we drove back to hamilton, and then came back out to st kitts in the morning...sleepin beside him is so great, i'd drive for miles just to wake up beside him
Saturday some friends came on up to the house and we went out and partied
i've now decided that i need to give up on the alcohol a little bit
i get so drunk that i act like a turd and make the boy take care of me all night, i'm sure thats not the way he wants to spend his night
we fought like dogs when we got back to the house
"i'm fuckin outta here, you're acting like a bitch"
"fuck you then, don't think you're driving"
::fight lasts about 1/2 hour::
after another drink i walk back into the room
"so you wanna order pizza?"
"ok hunny"
"you're my favourite"
"no you are"
::fight complete::
wake up the next morning with a killer hangover, a condom on the floor in my bathroom and vomit covered clothes in my bathtub
two of which i had nothing to do with...
like i want my friends to get layed and all but dude do it somewhere where i'm not naked 3 times a day
but anyways congrats to "U" for the lays these last few weeks, you're a star
"you think that's whorish of me mare?"
"listen if we wanna get technical then we can say i got layed both times you were up here too"
::although it was with the same guy whom just happened to be my boyfriend...but hey::
so glad I left the bar early because two girls of mine were walking out of the bathroom, and if i was there i would have definitely been limping and stumbling behind them, anyways...someone puked all over the back of them
it was in their hair, their backs and pants were covered in random vomit
they didn't even notice until some chick was all "yo you have puke all over you"
and they were all "no shit thats gross lets get another beer"
they stayed for another 1/2 hour with vomit all over them bcs they were too intoxicated to give a shit...i love my friends


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