Wednesday, August 11, 2004

ok so lets start the post with...ya I'm fuckin hammered
today started out as a normal day...started work at 1pm bcs I was to job coach at the mall for a client. Saw the boy for a bit... brownie blizzard, cappacino yada yada yada
went back to work to hang clothes with the client...it sucked ass
after work was what I've been waiting for all week
a coworker of mine had invited me over for dinner and a drink...now the last time I went over I got pretty heavily intoxicated and I thought this time to be no different...holy fuck was I right
Not only did we drink but we drank so much that I may not be able to make it into work tomorrow.
I spent $150 today...on a skirt, a pair of pants, a t-shirt, and 5 pairs of undies
I wouldn't normally spend so much on undies but they were the hottest things...

Bought the black ones with pink kisses and the pink ones with black kisses
anyways, back to tonight...went to my coworkers house and I can't help but be amazed by older couples that are still together...how do you put up with some one for 5 years let alone 50...crazy
anyways I'm gonna go try on my undies and feel sexy so I'll be posting tomorrow when I'm half sober at least..night all


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