Sunday, August 08, 2004

This weekend wasn't nearly as eventful as last
Friday night was my only night to party and it didn't turn out so well
went out with Jen and her boyfriend and his friends showed up (remember his perverted ass friends?)
well the big perv wasn't there but I still didn't feel comfortable so I left for the boy's house.
He had to work in the morning and I kept him up with my frequent trips to kneel infront of the porcelaine gods... not once, not twice, but thrice
I blame Jen...not the tequila itself, but the evil hands that handed it to me
I still love you tequila...Jen not so much
haha kidding
Lastnight was one of the best nights I've spent with the boy so far
we got some wine and just spent time together
for the first time I actually like spending time with a guy... not bored yet...he beat the 2 week mark which decides the fate of all of my relationships.
At the end of these two weeks I usually find myself avoiding phonecalls and wondering why I even bother with the opposite sex (he's doing good so far)
In the words of Carmen Electra...I know I like him because after we had sex I still wanna hang around and get to know him
The only bad thing about this relationship is that it scares me... how is it possible to be so comfortable with someone you've known barely 2 months? Judging from previous experience, when I get scared I start to back off. Hopefully I don't ruin this one with my immature shit.
So it's back to a week alone in St Catharines, working and blogging
both of which I am slacking on


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