Thursday, August 26, 2004

tomorrow will be my last day at the workforce development office
at the meeting this morning they singled me out and told me how much they'd miss me
i cried
they handed me a gift ($50 at Staples)
i cried again
they had a cake
they asked me to say a few words
all i could get out were mumbled fragments of what was supposed to be a beautiful speech
well at least in my head it was
the rest of the day got progressively sadder
they got two cakes...because they know i love it...both chocolate of course
today is the first day i've seen a room full of grown men and women (well two semi gay men) cry over me...felt good, i'll need to figure out how to make that happen again
maybe a pretend illness, or even a fake death in which i burst into the room in the middle of my funeral and watch as people's faces turn from mourning to pure terror to you dirty little bitch this cost us a fortune...
but seriously i could not have worked with a better group of people
they took turns writing something in a card for me and when i read it i had to leave the room
it said things like:
"You had me at hello"
"I've seen you blossom and you're a natural in this field"
"You have a special gift of giving and there is no doubt in my mind that you are pursuing the right career"
ok so i'll stop with the bragging but come on...they make me feel so good
it's nice to hear things like that sometimes...it makes you feel secure
Life is so full of insecurities and doubt that we need to surround ourselves with praise and truth in order to come out smiling.

In other news I am going nucking futs without a scale at the house
I don't know if i'm at my goal or just getting fatter
hey that might sound dumb but you never know I could be gaining tons of weight because of some illness that is only curable within one week of onset and have no clue........and then die

i hate when people don't do what they say they're gonna do

i hate when "bestfriends" make new best friends with the old bestfriends that no one wants to be bestfriends with anymore because they were never good bestfriends in the first place...aarrrghhh


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