Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Weekend Update:

Hoping the rain would stop was what I did all day Friday as I sat in a stuffy office directly beside a window that stayed shut so as to keep out any unwanted water.
Caribana was the destination...
but like usual my plans did not work out... Damn You Rain... Damn You Friends that didn't want to go...
The night didn't turn out to be so bad, we went to see 'The Village'
Pretty crazy flick if you like to jump out of your skin every 5 minutes or so.

The following night had a little bit more potential.
The destination: Wedding reception with the boy
Outcome: good then bad then good again
Girls and J-Mo, someone please tell me why guys insist on saying the dumbest things at the worst times?!!?
As we sat there enjoying our drinks and conversation, the boy pulled the..."there's a lot of hot girls here tonight"
Now WTF is that?
Why did he find it completely necessary that I knew how hot he found all of the other girls?
After careful deliberation of whether death was an appropriate punishment (no no) or trying to talk it out ::sigh::...I have decided to make him read the manual:

No hunny you're not a dummy, I just suggest that every man read this

Anyways after a bit of bickering we both shrugged it off and proceeded to the dance floor. The rest of the night is a blurr thanks to my best bud rum.

Day: Sunday
Destination: Beach!!
Been a little while since I went to the beach. Anyone who lives in Hamilton or surrounding area has been to Port Dover at least 15 times/summer. Home to the footlong dog and Golden Glow...oh ya and home to some of the best lookin half-nekkid people around
Steph and I headed to the beach around 12
As we walked to the beach we chatted loudly about everything from our guys to video taped sex...oh wait thats all we talked about.
When done talking we heard giggling...there were three younger girls walking behind us the entire time. I think we have created 3 new sluts in Dover...awesome learn from the best, haha no
The beach was beautiful, but not as good as our new tans and my hot pink bikini.

This is getting long...
Long Weekend = Long Post

Sunday night I took J-Mo up on an invite to go camping with him, Nico and their friends. Twas an excellent night, and don't listen to what Nico says about my Pisco (drink), it was delicious and got me drunk real quick. J-Mo even liked it but I have a feeling he likes just about anything...he was drinkin a Caesar EWWWW
Thanks guys for the night, you're all a blast!

Ok so Monday we went back to Dover, tanned some more and now I'm sitting here wishing I could turn back time and start the weekend all over again.


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