Sunday, August 15, 2004

woke up to the stench of stale alcohol
Don't drink too much is what she said as I walked out the door
no worries ma, I'm good ::stumbles down the driveway::
ever sit below a window feeling the breeze as it sweeps through the room
the sound of the birds and leaves and all that nice shit
feels nice...smells nice...never really appreciate the little things that matter most
The last couple of weeks I've been lacking in the faith department
it's not because I'm mad or resentful or anything like that
it feels like i've just forgotten how
forgotten how to pray
forgotten how to say thank you
forgotten how to love
forgotten how to see the little miracles that take place everyday
when I'm up at my house I forget...
the best feeling is knowing that there is somewhere you can go to put yourself right back where you want to be
this place for me is my parents house in the backyard with coffee and cigarettes
I told my dad about the way I've been feeling and he surprised me with a rosary from my grandmother
made of pearls and gold, it's gorgeous
He told me to carry it with me where ever I go to remind me to be thankful
The boy has no religion, and in a way it bothers me...but more so than that I think it's neat that he can be such a great guy and have such good values when he could do horrible things and not worry about whats waiting for him afterwards.
everyone we meet in life serves a purpose, they teach us something
Haven't yet figured out what I'm supposed to learn but I figure I'll have a good time along the way.


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