Thursday, September 09, 2004

he read the post and he was mad
if you plan on getting angry for anything I write then don't read
don't even ask
I'm not about to change anything I write for anyone
my blog is the only semi-healthy release I have
anything I'm feeling can be temporarily healed through my fingers and keyboard
If I wasn't given a reason to be upset then it wouldn't show up on your computer screen
understand that you probably won't be here forever but if I so choose then my blog will
ok so you're probably wondering what happened with the boy and all that fighting
well when I got out of the car from our 6hr ride of lingering incomfort he asked me what my problem was
"I'm just frustrated"
"well then don't take it out on me"
"how can I not when you are the one I'm frustrated with!"
"oh thats nice Mare..."
::I storm inside:: (clearly expecting him to follow)
about five minutes later I see him walking up my front porch after realizing that I wasn't coming back out...
he grabs the back of my neck and kisses me
it was a nice kiss, he got whatever point it was that he was trying to make across ::i wonder if anyones home::
"I love you Mare, can we talk about this later so you don't hate me anymore?"
"of course"

My dad drove me back to St Kitts that night...my phone was off and he called
an hour or so later I called back, he didn't think I would
my dad told me to give it a couple of days...that Adam seemed to be a good guy and that I shouldn't make a final judgement on someone based on one weekend
My dad loves him more than I do

I'm still not entirely sure what I feel about all this
I know what I'm worth...not to be a bitch but I'm a damn good girlfriend
and I know I deserve to be treated with the utmost respect so I won't rest until I find the man to do it...whether it be Adam or not

so we talked for a while and I think things are better
I don't feel like much was resolved but whatever


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