Wednesday, September 01, 2004

not exactly sure why i haven't been updating lately
lazy and bored with nothing to write...
goin out to the bar tonight...finally!
haven't been in a while due to my over-the-top retardedness when i'm drunk
tonight i don't plan on drinking too much
tonight i plan on hangin with my bestfriend...the same best friend whom i haven't seen in a month because we both decided to go out and get ourselves boyfriend's
remember when we couldn't care less about dick?
remember when there was so much willing penis around us but we didnt care...just kept drinkin??
Jen and i used to have a point system
for every guy and everything we got from them there were points to be made and props to be given
we were good so we didnt have sex with them but luckily making them pay for shit and having them fall hard gave us mondo points
then they'd love us and we'd be like...sorry bud but thanks for the points ::muahahaha::
that all changed when boyfriends became the "in thing"
now i've always been one to be jealous of "cute couples" so naturally I followed and reeled me in a fat one
seriously, he was a chunker
one of those beefy italian types
the entire time i was with him i still hung with jen...partly because he couldn't have cared less about spending time with me
now I found Adam and I couldn't care less about spending time with anyone else

for some reason i love being naughty with him
i went to the mall the other day and bought the sexiest lingerie i could find and i can't wait to wear it
he's been at my parents house the last two nights and both times we went out to his car to do stuff
the first time it was to have sex and the second was just for his pleasure
i don't even care about getting mine...i just love when he's happy and if i gotta get down and dirty to make him happy then gosh darnit i'll do it!


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