Thursday, October 21, 2004

the days seem to be getting better and better...
I volunteer at a shelter for abused women and children every tuesday and thursday
what fulfilling days they turn out to be
today we had some kids down in the playroom (15 to be exact) and we played games and watched movies while their moms took a "forgiveness" class
just watching all of the kids interact and seeing how they felt about us playing with them made the anticipation for my own grow that much more
Sure it's tough work sometimes (well most of the time) but I don't know of any other job more rewarding than parenting
A meeting this morning with a former employer also opened up some doors for me... I was offered a job after the baby's out and my school's done
It's actually funny how everything worked out because I'll be done school in April so I don't need to worry about not having a diploma. And then I can begin my career once the baby gets a little older.
It is truly amazing how much the people around me have supported me...my work, my family, my real friends, all really great and deserving of much more than a thank you ( and I promise to make it up to you one day)
and to everyone leaving such supportive comments...thank you too!


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