Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i find it funny that people come over to my site and tell me things that they think i want to hear...if you don't like what you're reading then go away...get a life
you know absolutely nothing about mine and adam's relationship so keep your idiocies to yourself
all people like you care about is making others feel bad when in turn you yourself are a heartless bitch
i hope to god you don't say things like that to people in person because I personally feel sorry for anyone you come in contact with...you are cruel and bitter and are the one who needs to grow up
I refuse to stop blogging because people like you think its "not normal"...this is what I've chosen to do and if you don't like it then move on
go make someone's life miserable as i'm sure you always do
Adam is like no one I've met before and I'm positive we'll do just fine and I've only known this baby for a couple of weeks and I already know that I would do absolutely anything for it...even die
I would give it anything and I plan to...so don't scrutinize my decisions...I'm sure you've had sex before so what would you do if you got pregnant? be miserable?? so sorry if my happiness makes you mad but for once in your life try looking at something some other way than pessimistically and be happy for someone who's making the right decision.


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