Friday, October 08, 2004

i think we've got the names down to 4:
Personally i love zach... nine months isn't nearly enough time to decide on a name that will stick with my kid forever
I told one member of my family already: my kid brother. well he's not so much of a kid, 18 actually.

Mare: it's gonna be a bad weekend
Renato: oooh no....your not ruining thanksgiving for me
Mare: oh its already done
Renato: omg you better not be shitting me
Mare: nope i'm not
Mare: promise u won't say a word till i tell mom and dad?
Renato: ok
Mare: ur gonna be an uncle real soon
Renato: WHAT
Renato: wow....you and adam right
::now what kind of question is that?::
Mare: yes of course
Mare: i'm really happy about it...just kinda scared
Renato: does adam know
Mare: ya
Renato: congrats....im so happy for you sis
Mare: do u think mom and dad will be?
Renato: well if you cant show them that you guys have a plan....and you guys are dedicated...i dont see why not.....there pretty understanding
Mare: ya true...although no plan has been formed as of yet there should be one soon...i'm just really scared about the all if the financial stuff (and getting fat) lol
Mare: i dont wanna tell them until sunday after the party bcs it will ruin thier thanksgiving and i wanna give them one last good holiday
Renato: ya sunday is probably a good idea...and i wouldn't worry so much about getting fat you could stand to gain 50 lbs and still look great...when did you find out
Mare: last sunday
Mare: so uncle renato sounds pretty good eh
Renato: it sounds great....a little early for me....but it works:)
Mare: adam says pls dont tell mom and dad before sunday bcs he doesn't wanna die before it's born
Renato: haha....thats the last thing mom and dad would do....they know you'll need the child support
Mare: lol nah adams not goin anywhere...we're raising it together
Renato: glad to hear it....have you guys thought about marriage
Renato: ya i know....sorry i said it
Mare: i dont want to use my baby as an excuse to marry him...one step at a time
Renato: makes sense
Mare: cool...ok well thanks for understanding bro
Mare: i gotta get to bed, early class
Renato: ya no prob....thats what im here for sis
Renato: goodnight and take care of my nephew
I think I can now officially say that I have the greatest brother...and he definitely calmed some fears about telling the parents. I won't be blogging until monday or tuesday so wish me luck...


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