Monday, October 04, 2004

never in my life has so much been going on all at once...I think that you my precious readers need to know whats up so here goes:
Firstly, this past Saturday we got a phonecall from Peru saying that there had been an attempted murder........on my grandmother
see my gramma has this thing with helping people, she lives near a poor neighbourhood and all of the local bums come over to her house everyday and she feeds them
one bum/fucking lowlife cocksucker was her favourite, after telling her his sob story about how he wasnt allowed to see his kid and how he wanted to go back to school my gramma started to teach him to read every week.
well this saturday was no different, as he went into the house he grabbed a bottle and proceeded to bash my 80 yr old grandma in the back of the skull until he had broken her nose, cheekbone, jaw, and nearly killed her.
Now my gramps is extremely protective of her and ran into the kitchen screaming...seeing this the man ran out of the house - amazing part about that is that my gramps hasn't walked in 4 yrs, he's been wheelchair bound, his legs didnt even work
shes doing better now...got out of the hospital with non life threatening injuries and the assailant is in custody.....
Funny thing about the Peruvian justice system is that he will be out in a month

Ok and now for the rest of my news...I'm pregnant


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