Monday, November 01, 2004

9 weeks and counting...

I have so much to write about lately, yet so little ambition to do so
one second I'm happy, the next I'm capable of murder due to the increasingly uneven flow of hormones throughout my body
I throw up a few times per day
I eat more than ever
I gain weight
all of which would have scared the hell outta me before...but this time i don't care
I do it for you little guy :)
Adam and I have decided to move in together soon, probably within the next 2 months
Thank God for Adam, he's my rock right now

We think we may be a fluke in the system...most people fall in love over time
it's my personal belief that love is something you need to work at, try real hard for
we met and within weeks we were in love, most couples wouldn't exactly be so happy about the coming baby, but we are
it's funny because I couldn't have dreamed up a better dad or mate


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