Monday, November 08, 2004


changed the template for this thing, much better than the "douchbag" format I think,
it was J-Mo's birthday this weekend, he's now the wonderful age of 55...haha
happy birthday babe, wish I could've been there but alas I couldn't...
I am really starting to miss the bars and all the drinking and smoking that takes place in them
not only have I quit all three but I am spending my fridays and saturdays either sleeping by 10 pm or hanging out with the babydaddy
I'm not complaining, just expressing to my former friend Youth how much I miss her
Now my days are filled up with making sure I eat enough and rub on just enough of my cream that I prevent any future stretchmarks.
::oh god, she talks about this shit so much::
oh well...I'm allowed to, I love the fact that I can come on here and talk about absolutely anything, and I love it even more when people come and get offended by it

I have my second doctors appointment on friday and I get to listen to the baby's heartbeat
I want to tape it and put it on here but i don't think its possible
Maybe i'll put my ultrasound up, but that won't be for another few weeks

it's funny how i used to have so damn much to write about when my life was boring and now that it's been turned upside down my head is blank... i won't bore you guys with these posts much anymore, from now on... only quality posts but with more time in between
I think quality is better than quantity, although this theory hasn't exactly worked for me as of lately


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