Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost Time!!

this is me at 7 months...barely showing (maybe thats bcs i'm not facing to the side) but none the less i've become a heffer since...

this one is juat a week or two ago
June 7 is the big day so that makes it 18 more to wait. I have a feeling it'll come early bcs there really is no more room for him.
Since my last post so much has changed...i've fallen so much more in love with Adam, we got an apartment which is not exactly done but the baby's room has been since day one, and i've grown up lie i never thought i would have.
It's so true when people tell you that things will just fall in place and be ok, things are more than ok. I'm with my best friend and in nearly 2 weeks i get to meet the beautiful baby i've been dreaming about for 9 months.

Of course not everything is perfect...there is a lot of worry and stress that comes with all of this but with Adam beside me I have no doubt that everything will work out just fine.
I doubt that i'll be able to post again before the baby, but you better believe that this page (or a new one which i will tell you about) is gonna be overloaded with baby pics within a month or so!


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